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In this private subscription group, my goal is to give you more than I share within my public platforms and communities - investing in those who desire continued happiness, health, and spiritual growth. 

We will focus on healthy living - because you can't do anything unless you're healthy - finding purpose and happiness in life as it relates to 4 key elements: 


About Shemane


It's amazing that I'm here today, writing this and inspiring others to be healthy.  Nearly twenty years ago, I almost died from toxic mold between the walls of my home.  I spent years getting healthy with natural remedies and I'm excited to share everything with you!  In my healing journey, I also dealt with several trials and tribulations of betrayal.  My body was breaking down physically and mentally. There were days when my fears and doubts got the best of me. I found myself questioning why all of this was happening to me. Wasn't I a good person? What was God trying to teach me? It took years for me to regain my health and the confidence I needed to move forward. Now, I am significantly healthier and happier than ever!  No matter what you're going through, God is at work in your life.  Twenty years ago, I thought I was dying, and now I'm here, more grateful than ever, encouraging you to get healthier and happier, too!  Thank you for allowing me to walk this journey with you!


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